Monday, May 21, 2012

nothing interesting at all.

i wish i had something interesting or funny to say but alas i do not. nothing particularly funny, or interesting has happened in the last few weeks. other than the overwhelming need people seem to have to tell me how gray my hair is and how i should be dying it. why is that i wonder? seriously. i am 31 years old, i am fully aware of the fact that i am going gray, and it doesn't bother me nearly as much as it seems to be bothering others. i'm most obsessed with weight than i am with hair color. 

gray is gray, it was genetically destined to happen. 

that all being said. i remembered something. i have decided this apartment is way to small. i have come to terms with the fact that after almost 4 years of our lovely 800 square foot apartment it's time for a larger space. its driving me nuts here. we would love very much so to continue to travel, which we will, but the walls of this place are closing in. in actuality, there's hardly anymore room in the closets and i'm starting to feel bad for my mom, (also tired of hearing her say get your crap out of her house) for having all my shit in her house and swapping summer and winter stuff every season. i've managed to maximize every ounce of space in this place without making it look like a shit hole, but i'm running low kids, real low... 

so, where should we go?

 ... fuck, who wants to pack... 
shit... i don't feel like looking for a place to live... 

can't somebody else do it for us?...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Cometh

"a mothers love for her child is like nothing else in the world. it knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." 
agatha christie, "the last seance"

a day before mothers day. i usually get this answer from my own mother when I ask her what she wants to do to celebrate, "i don't care, i don't want to celebrate, my mother is dead, i don't have a mother." nice right. so pleasant. i end up responding, "well i do, so too bad." this year was different. when i called to tell her that things have changed due to an unforeseen family scheduling conflict and the planned brunch at our apartment wasn't going to happen, and i said, "mommy, what do you want to do?" i waited and hoped not to get the answer that longed made me upset, "i don't care, my mother is dead." i was pleasantly surprised to hear, "ooh, i don't know, i'll think about it. we'll make it low key, because i have a daughter to celebrate it with." ahhh, finally, i felt like she understood what i had been trying to say for years . 

just because i am not any ones mother, i am a godmother. you'd think my godchildren or their parents might take that into consideration- but they don't, it's ok, its better and easier for me. i'm sure though that if the tables were turned they would be annoyed that my kids were not respecting the fact that they were their godmothers, but it's not that serious and i'm not willing to put that much stock into it. 

mothers day is a silly holiday anyway. i don't need a holiday to be grateful for my mother, or her love, or her teachings. for that matter, i don't need mother's day to appreciate any of the mother's i know and all they do. besides, as a person who isn't a mother, it does nothing but cause stress on me. it reminds my mother that she doesn't have her own mother. it forces her to spend time with people that she may or may not want to spend time with. like i need an excuse to tell my mom she's awesome or my aunt or my cousins. 

mothers day to me, is a way to make shitty mother's feel better about themselves. a day to make husbands buy crap for their wives, and daughter-in-laws kiss their mother-in-laws asses. mother's day makes me feel bad for my mother that she doesn't have a mother, it makes me sad that i don't have my grandmother. on one hand it makes me real happy that i have my own mother. on the other hand it makes me annoyed that i have to spend it with anyone else's mother.  

happy mother's day to all you wonderful women out there, whether you're a mother, godmother, sister, cousin, aunt, step-mother, lady of the house, daughter-in-law, wife, daughter, or simply just a friend. enjoy your special day with a special woman.