Monday, August 20, 2012

everything's not lost

my 10th annual summer visit to Maine, was better than it has been, (no offense to those i see or love seeing). the weather was great, not perfect, i ran 3 times including race day, i slept fairly well considering there was a 2 year old running around every morning, i relaxed, i ate A LOT, and i laughed  A LOT too. 

aside from playing games, which led to uncontrollable fits of laughter, seeing old friends that i hardly get to see, eating a ton of food i shouldn't, and running, thats right i said running the race, not finishing last, feeling pretty good going a little over 12-minute miles, i saw my two best friends in the entire world, their kids, and their husbands. 

Jan and June are the best friends i always wanted. they are all i've ever really needed. i think everyone has a best friend, but i'm lucky to have two. it works out best for us really because we keep each other grounded, stable, "normal" in an abnormal way. it's difficult to explain if you don't have two amazing people in your life. they are smart, funny and amazing women and mothers. i got to spend some quality time with not only them, but also their 3 amazing kids between the two of them. i was only slightly harassed for not having any kids myself, but i laughed and didn't let it bother me like it would if it were anyone else because i know where it is coming from. i enjoyed almost every minute of my time with them, the only time i didn't enjoy was saying see you next time. it is truly the only time where we three pretend we live in the same town and maybe thats how it should be because if we actually did live closer, we might not see each other as much in a quality sort of way. our lives get busy, and i believe being far apart helps us to stay close together. love you sleeves. 

when you drive into the state of Maine you read nothing but the following mottos "Vacationland" and "Maine: The way life should be" and it was exactly that. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i won't get lost this time

one week from today i will be done with summer school for this year and heading up for my annual 5 day getaway to Maine to visit my Maine family. the 5 days that, to quote June, "June, Jan and I pretend we live within driving distance of one another". as usual all the wonderful things Maine has to offer will be done, including a much needed nap on the hammock, lobster, beach time and vegan approved dinner with *katie and *meg, along with some outlet shopping. even RB is making the trip!

last year, i was wogging, and signed up for that Maine Summerfest 5K that i looked at as a workout, and if you look back, you'll remember i got lost and turned it into a 6K. i'll be doing that damned "race" again and i will NOT get lost. i started wogging back in March, and I was feeling really strong and figured that i would get better and better. then, i got sick, repeatedly. wogging, and even working out wasn't happening. we went to europe and i had decided when we returned i would turn my wogging into a real run- wogging = a walk/jog. unfortunately, i got so sick, that i could barely eat when we returned, as you might remember. i lost 6 lbs on vacation, 2-3 more once i got home, which eventually turned into a total loss of 12 lbs in 6 weeks. i'm not complaining AT all about the weight loss, it feels great too be lighter, however, i am super flabby, and nothing fit.

when the end of may hit, and i was finally feeling well enough to "train" again, you guessed it, i got sick, and to top it off, the meds that i was ordered to take, for 15 days, clearly states "no exercise". even my doctor said, "no exercise" no strenuous activity while your on the meds and 5 days after. 20 days?! really!?

finally, july came and i was all set, 12lbs lighter, ready to "run". i began doing pilates again 3 times a week and wogging at least 3 times a week. i am seriously so slow. it hurts to wog, but i try, tight hips and all. there's no possible way i will keep up with Jan and June who are runners, regardless of what Jan says/thinks. i know i will NOT get lost this time, and i sure as shit better go at least 40 minutes. i've been averaging 12-13 minute miles these last few weeks, but you never know once i get on the road. god help me, Jan's gonna kick my fucking ass.