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The Funny Girl:
The title funny girl refers to my all time favorite movie with the Barbra Streisand. in the film, if you have never seen it, please take some time to watch it. Barbra's character, Fanny Bryce becomes an unlikely star. Fanny always knew she was "the greatest" and was going to rise to the top. I always identified with Fanny and her yearning to be a big time actress. She was a funny girl, and that's how she made it to the top, being funny is our only likeness. I never made it to the top of anything, I can't sing, and I'm not an actress, instead I teach 5th/6th students with emotional, social, and academic disabilities, I married my best friend, RB and fortunate for us, we live close to our parents in our home boro of Queens, NYC. I can however, recite the entire film, I can roller skate and I think I'm pretty funny (sometimes). I always want to make people around me laugh, even when something isn't "supposed" to be funny.

When you add all the randomness described in my posts, throw on a pair of Birkenstock's, glasses, a comfy tee-shirt and jeans, hand me a beer, you end up with a person closely resembling a dirty hippie with weird preferences in movies, music, reading material, who will do just about anything for her friends, and whose ultimate goal will always be for a laugh. 

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