Wednesday, May 28, 2014

can i hide?

here i am. i'm tired. i know you must all be tired of hearing me say that, however, it's the truth. if i am not at work running around like a damned fool, i'm literally running around outside. i have done well the last week or so with workouts, but not with eating, i have successfully over eaten at dinner for the last 4 nights- bad move Lynmitsky. All the over eating has done for me is, 1. i feel disgusting full, 2. i feel extra hungry in the morning, 3. i feel overly gross, and feel like any of the workouts i have done has been successfully undone by the huge meal. i really just need to tell myself to STOP EATING.

on a different note, we are officially poor. i used to think that as long as we had some money in savings we'd be ok, well... there isn't much savings left, and i'm nervous, i mean, how will we ever catch up? it's like eating, i eat too much, and i spend to much, but i'm not sure where all the money goes. i try not to think about it, but i am cutting coupons, and looking for sales, and eating (basically) at home.

i have to stop thinking about it. i am driving myself nuts.

maybe i'm eating because we are poor?

maybe i'm a bear, overeating to prepare for hibernation?


the stress of hockey playoffs are also affecting my sleeping and ability to deal with stupidity that exists at work. i usually get to this point every year where i have little to no patience for adults and bratty children alike who use "your mother wasn't saying that last night when... (insert explicit phrase here)".

i'm also slightly nervous that in 16 days i have yet another triathlon that i feel terribly unprepared for. i suppose the next 16 days will just have to be the biggest, crazed, triathlon training lunatic. here's hoping. oh don't forget the baby shower i am planning at work, then the shower i have to go to, my aunts birthday, fathers day, and some other bull i have to do till the regular school year is over and summer school begins!

can i sleep for a week straight.

or just hide?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The last few weeks.

It's been a rough few weeks, lemme tell ya. Between lack of workout motivation, and trying to complete my last two classes, plus all the work I have piled on my desk, and after school responsibilities, it's no wonder that I have been sick, run down, and tired for the last 5 days.

If you didn't know, I was taking online classes for the last 12 months in order to reach top salary with the board of ed. Granted, the classes were not the most intellectually stimulating, they did require plenty of work, and time to complete the tasks and getting a passing grade. I just completed my final project for my last class. I am hoping that the salary increase will provide me with the financial push I need to go back to school and get another degree, or simply enjoy my extra monies and go on better vacations! ;-)

Workouts have been lame, or non existent. It's not good. I was doing so well, then, spring break came and I was so tired, and wanted to rest. Rest I did. When I started to get my ass in gear, I started to feel crappy, and here we are, sitting on the couch blogging about how I haven't really worked out. I am still doing the triathlon in a month, so I am hoping this weekend will be filled with movement.

I went to Maine for a few days and saw some lady friends. It. was. GREAT. The ride wasn't too terrible 4 1/2 hours each way, but I really missed RB and I wished he was with me. We haven't been doing to well financially, we have a lot of bills to pay. I had recently realized we spent A LOT of money last year. Between the purchase of an apartment, total renovations, Hawaii, Alabama, numerous trips to New England and a trip to Vegas for RB, we won't be doing much this summer or year in the name of travel.

About a week ago a mutual friend of ours requested a double date with his new lady. I was looking forward to so adult time, plus apparently, the girlfriend "knew" me. Turns out she had heard my name before but she doesn't know me, that's for sure. I am sure I am nit picking, however, my first impressions of girls are rarely positive ones. She was very pretty, very thin, barely ate, drank a lot, was somewhat self centered and a "one upper"; you know what I mean, you say something and she's done it, only better. the "one upper". She was also, pompous, arrogant and had that weird whistle when she spoke. She'd ask questions and not wait for a complete answer, she was studying to be a teacher, which you'd think she might ask me something, I mean after all, I've only been teaching for 11 years, nope, nothing. All of these things I could live with, honestly, even the 9 year age different between her and our friend, but then she did it. She asked the question, one that I have tried to avoid even with close friends, one that is none of her business; and out of respect I tried my hardest to skate around it without insulting her. She was persistent. "So, you have been married for 5 years, are you going to have kids soon?", "well have you thought about it?", "is it something you guys want?", "I mean, don't you want kids?" "5 years is a long time."... yup, my mouth was full of blood from me biting my tongue and not really telling her that she's a self-centered asshole who I have known for an hour, and asking me such personal questions isn't appropriate being that we aren't remotely close to being "friends".

That was friday.

Other than all that, we've been busy with family stuff, and just keeping it moving. Trying to get through this long and tough year, counting down the days till another day off. Only 90 days till I'm on an extended vacation, but who's counting.