Sunday, August 10, 2014

I can see for miles...

After not running for a week or so, i'm back in the (painful) swing of things. I have been trying to keep up with my working out because I know how important it is for me, my health and my ability to maintain my ideal weight. It hasn't been easy, and it certainly hasn't been fun. I also can't seem to break the 4-mile mark, which months ago, albeit slow, I could still get past 4-miles. I went for a run last Friday with a friend from work who is considerably faster than I, and she wanted some company. She wasn't feeling well but knew she needed to go out. She promised me an "easy" run, of course for her it was easy, and she was able to speak the entire time, full blow sentences, whilst I struggled to breathe and keep up. It should have been a faster run, but it wasn't as it turns out, mostly because I started out too fast. 

I had to begin breaking in my new sneakers and new orthotics because of the unbearable knee clicking, hip and lower back pain I was suffering from. Such an idiot I am, knowing full well I need to switch out the sneakers and yet continuing to run in the old, worn out crappy sneaks. (You'd think I would learn).

I'm still bummed over the fact that due to pool closures I can't train for a September triathlon. But there is always the 2015 season. 

I've been lifting at least 2 days a week, and squeezing in a 9+ mile ride a week as well. Now, to just get some pilates in there and work on that pelvic floor, to make sure that I have no upchuck reflex when looking at my naked self. That is my goal really, looking good naked. Not to be a specific weight, necessarily, not to wear a specific clothing size really, not even to look good in a bathing suit. For me, it's about liking the naked me. 

On a more clothed note: I'm really proud of two friends. In awe of them really. Jenski, who has been training for months almost "alongside" me for her half marathon in October and Jan, for her re-dedication to the art of running and also training for a half in October. Her husband is supposed to do it with her, I wonder how his training is going? Running for me is a necessary evil, but they are inspiring to me to do more. Maybe I won't train for a half, or a whole marathon, but it makes me think more seriously about longer triathlons. They both inspire me, and I'm super proud of them, even if they aren't proud or impressed with themselves! Good job ladies! Much love and keep going!!