Thursday, May 23, 2013

man, i'm tired.

last weekend marked the fourth time in 3 months going up to Massachusetts and i sat in traffic each and every time. i am officially done with driving north- sorry girls- for quite a while. i still have my trip to Maine next weekend, which i am looking forward to but i'm not driving- thank goodness. 

last weekend i attended my 10 year college reunion. it was a shit show to say the least. i had a great time. originally, i wasn't going to go for the simple fact that Jan wasn't going to be in attendance due to the fact that she had recently given birth to her beautiful little lady. in addition to that, i didn't want to make the drive in fear of hitting/sitting in major traffic (my fears became my reality). after talking to another friend that i don't often get the opportunity to see, we decided that we would attend reunion in hopes of a good time. i suppose that since we don't see each other often we would have a great time visiting with some "old friends". clearly, we were disillusioned. this isn't to say that we didn't have fun- we made it fun, we had no choice, it was either mock ourselves and mock the entire idea of the weekend or go home shaking our heads in disappointment. next time we know we don't have to go to a reunion to have a good time with each other. (we really should have known this prior to making the trip, but hindsight is 20/20). 

we toured campus, slept in the dorms on the shitty mattresses, ate dining hall food, drank, took tons of photos, almost got into a fight with a 24 year old alum, drank, accosted a few people, taught some youngin's a much needed lesson, drank, met a really cool alum '53 and had a few laughs in the process. all in all, we had a good time. made me really miss my other lady friends, wish i saw them more often, wish it was easier to see them more often. 

i haven't had a weekend to do "nothing"- by nothing i mean what i want to do- since i can't remember. every weekend has been something, birthdays, reunions, parties, holidays, plays etc. i feel like i haven't slept, or worked out, or simply sat like a lump on a log for a day watching tv. it's only getting worse from here. with summer rapidly approaching, i've got to get in some beach time, outside exercise, more birthdays, outdoor drinking and of course our impending move. oh plus, i am registering for summer classes so that i can hit top pay at work. fuck! i almost forgot, renovating our new apt- whenever that will actually happen, only the bank knows. 

i guess it's better that i am busy than not, lets me know that i'm alive and moving... always find that silver lining, but man, i'm wicked tired.

Friday, May 10, 2013

only me

you've read the one about sitting in traffic, running into the woods to pee, falling into mud and peeing on myself. what you don't really understand is that things like this, or of similar caliber happen to me quite often. it has to actually. if it were to happen to Jan she'd never leave the house, or June, she'd cry and call her husband and best friend to come and get her. this isn't to say these two woman are not strong, or could handle stupid shit such as that mentioned above. it's just to say that the realm of ridiculousness would be too much for them to bear; or at least that's what i tell myself.

there are have been on many occasions, including most recently, that it takes me an uncharacteristically long time to get to New England. specifically about 217 miles; or 307 miles to Maine. i left work early; my first mistake, to head up to do a little late april visiting. i sat, literally sat on I84. i hit the mass pike at the EXACT time i was hoping not to have hit it, bringing me to stop over at Jan's house. i had every intention of stopping at Jan's just not on my way up to the Boston area. it took me a little over 4 hours to get to Jan's. "oh, 4 hours that's not a big deal!" you think. well, it is a big deal when it should only take you on your worst day 3 hours. alas, on your worst day maybe, on mine, as you can see, a little over 4. luckily, i was smart enough to leave Jan's later than i wanted, therefore it only took me another hour to get to June's house, a mere, 45 miles away.

this happens on a regular basis. why do i continue to go? well, isn't obvious? i love my girls, and i am rather convinced, that when the time comes for me to need them, they will drive their pretty selves down to NYC for me. (which they have before).

next up: students who are 'far out'. and i'm not referencing 1960's lingo of someone being "really cool", "the cat's meow" or a "rad dude". nope, i'm referring to the fact that they come from a planet far, far away, where teachers take their exams for them, babysit them, and deal with their whining with smiles on their faces, and can magically teach a 5th grader to add and subtract while the kid is screaming and crying and refusing to follow simple directions. (told you it was another planet). only me, it has to happen to me, because if these types of kids were thrusted into other rooms, people might loose their jobs, parents might become angry, and all the while i can deal with the 'far outs' because i am me, it's fine, it's all in my job description as a special educator.

how about getting sick on vacations? or every new years eve since i was a kid? or [almost] every school break since i began working?

who knew that buying an apt would take the same amount of time as growing a human being inside of your body?

lastly, the husband. the man i love, the man who 2 years ago was hospitalized for some strange fucking ass disease in god damned rhode island. yeah, that was awesome. having my MIL ask if she could sleep in the bed with him, and me kicking her ass out of the hospital. yup, only me.

all of the above makes me chuckle. i think years ago i didn't always find these kinds of events funny, however, now i can't help but laugh and know that it has to be me. only me. it makes me me, and i have to find the humor in all these types of occurrences.

life is good, because if this is the worst it can be for me, then i've got it pretty good, don't i?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

busy, busy bird.

It's been a hectic few weeks. first, babies have been born!! How exciting. Two new additions to my world of the spoils, a baby girl, and a baby boy born 4 days apart. I couldn't be happier for all the healthy mom's and dad's and babes.

it really is exciting that so many people i know and love continue to copulate and reproduce. to top it all off they make really stink' cute babies...

with all the babies being born i've come to terms with my own trepidation into motherhood. this isn't to say that we are attempting to procreate, but that isn't to say that i am not open to the idea of procreating in the sooner rather than later future. i know how exciting this must be for so many who didn't think that i would in fact, warm up to the idea, but the fact of the matter was that in the past i did entirely to many things based on someone else's time line. it helps that most of it all worked out to be something great, but motherhood was not something that i was willing to negotiate time on.

i still have plenty of things i want to accomplish prior to having a person growing inside of me, but the best part is that RB and i are pretty much seeing eye to eye on this whole procreating thing. i would hate for him to read this one day and think in anyway that i was withholding a child from him until he saw it my way, but it does help that he has been seeing my way, which for us, is the right way.

we are still going places. i have been to massachusetts to see my loves a few times already this year, and plan to head to new england again at least two more times before summer school begins. we have hawaii booked (insert fit of ridiculous hula dancing), and alabama this fall for a football game.

RB and i are looking into vacations for next spring and summer and look forward to more traveling adventures.

the apartment has been something of a headache and a long story, but hopefully we'll have good news, or some news by the end of next week. which will only add to the busy ness- aka the remolding project of 2013.

busy, busy, birds we are, busy birds.