Sunday, July 27, 2014

no news is... just fine.

I have realized that you all must be so distraught over the fact that I haven't posted in 5 weeks! I suppose I should make a decision and post regardless of recent happenings, but then I simply feel like I am forcing it.

I have decided to not do the September Triathlon on the basis that I cannot train for the longer swim. The pool I use is closed for 5 weeks beginning August 4th, which puts a wrench in the training. So, there's that. I am kinda bummed about it, mostly because my working out has really fallen off. I was violently ill for a few days beginning of this month, headache, and everything. So, working out didn't happen for over a week. I started back up again this past week, very slow, and a lot of rest in between, because that illness took a lot out of me. I am not recovering as quickly as I would like. I suppose by the time I get "back" to my old self, I'll screw it up somehow. Que Sera, Sera.

We have decided to stick with a week vacation in the one and only Vactionland, aka, the way life should be. It's much less expensive than most of our other vacations, and we'll get to see friends, new babies, and eat delicious food. We rented our own apartment on the beach, so I am looking forward to our own space. Don't get me wrong, there is something wonderful about staying at Jan's parents house for a week, but we are getting a tad old, and the house is starting to feel smaller with everyone in it. I'm headed to Atlanta for a weekend in September to see an old friend, and RB would like to head to Baltimore the last week of summer to catch an Orioles game--- Jenski do you have room for guests?

As far as vacations go, they may not be extravagant but they will be lovely short trips. We went to a good friends house yesterday, always a good time, and I made sure to say in front of Darla and Mike, I don't want anything for Christmas this coming year, instead I want a trip for Easter and a trip in August. I know it's early to talk about Christmas but you have no clue as to what RB is like...

I am aware this post is slightly a catch all, but it seemed silly to write a few separate posts for something so uneventful as all of the above. There are other things too, but I'm not ready to address them in this open forum, regardless of the fact that I know there are about 4 people who read this online "diary". In the end, this is it. I'm tired, and I'm looking forward to vacationland. 20 days till I'm there, Lobster in hand.