Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a funny thing happened on the way to the bus.

M & M are identical twin second grade boys. during busing we hear the following:

m1: "stop! no! don't say that! stop! leave me alone!"
m2: mumbled words

JD, while separating the twin boys: "what's the problem? what's going on?"

m1: "he's calling me ugly!!"

HA <an uproar of laughter>!! 3 staff members, including myself and JD, begin hysterical laughing because we cannot make these things up!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

more grown up things

eek. should i be worried? i mean, we placed a bid on an apt. and it was accepted and we are currently going through the motions of owning something! eek. adult-like things are happening fast.

i called my grandmother the other day, she's 83, i told her about the apt. the conversation went as so, according to my memory:

grandma: how many bedrooms?
me: two.
grandma: oh, baby's room.
me: guest bedroom.
grandma: <chuckle> baby's room.
me: guest room. <chuckle>
grandma: <in a almost whisper with a hint of sneaky-ness in her tone, paired with a maniacal laugh> baby's room.

my grandma, has never said anything to me, or my mom about us having kids, or when my mom was younger, her having a kid so its rather funny that she even said what she said to me. my mom and i think that she wants great-grandchildren before she dies. funny thing is - she's one of those that will most likely NEVER die.

when we told my MIL the conversation went as so, according to my memory:

RB: you can tell her.
MIL: tell me what?!! <eyes all perky and happy>
me: ok. MIL, we put in a bid on an apt and it was accepted, so i guess soon we will be "home owners".
MIL: <slightly deflated, and disappointed look on her face> oh. that's nice, congratulations.

later i told RB that my MIL must have been convinced we were going to tell her i was pregnant. ha ha- sucker!

we will not be moving in until all the work it done. oh wait! the best part, the apt is kinda out of date- well really out of date. so, we will be gutting and renovating the entire apt. new everything, down to the walls and ceiling. kinda fun, kinda scary, but simply the only thing i'm kinda excited about. that, and having my friends have a place to sleep when they come visit, and have other friends and family over.

growing up ain't looking to shabby as of now. we'll see how this whole thing goes... and those of you i know and love- you're more than welcome to come stay in our new GUEST ROOM coming march 2013!! (maybe i'll throw myself a birthday party ;-) )

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

no workout makes for a lousy mood

unbelievable. after months of getting on track and improving my workouts and trying to learn how to run, i hurt my knee. here we are week 3 of no running, just constant stretching. I'm getting cabin fucking fever. i couldn't get a doctors appointment to see an ortho guy till next friday morning. i see these girls running out on the street and it makes me sick. i haven't gained weight, i mean my clothes don't fit quite right but i feel weak, and lazy. everything about a knee injury truly sucks because even when i try to do some pilates, it hurts for the next three days.

i registered for a run in november and i am optimistically hoping that i'll be able to do it. on top of all that, i'm so tired, and in such a crap mood. not always, but generally i'm just in a funk. i don't like being in a funk, and i suppose i can try to control it, but i'd rather just let the funk make its way out of my system. i know it'll pass, it's just because i can't workout the way i want to. even my headaches have been coming back with a vengeance and i really believe it's all because of the lack of working out. alas, i'm just waiting till i see a doctor and hope that it's an easy fix- i'm trying my best to not let the natural pessimist work its way through my psyche and stay positive about everything but i'm being a little anxious. we shall see what happens after october 12th.

i never thought i'd be upset that i couldn't work out- but i guess it was bound to happen at some point. at the very least, i know what to do when i can workout again. here's hoping.