Monday, September 1, 2014

vacation = lazy

I have take the idea of vacation to a whole new level. I can count on one hand how many workouts I've had, the hours of repeated television are countless, and sleeping 9+ hours was a must. I began vacation with a trip to Maine to see Jan and June as well as some lady friends. It was the exact vacation I needed. Laying around, hanging with my friends and their kids, eating delicious meals, and just soaking up the goodness of doing "nothing". It was magical, my only complaint was that Jan had to return to work and missed out on the whole week with June and I. There's always next year of course, but it was a bittersweet week. Jan is already making plans to come and visit this fall, and I look forward to having a bit of company.

RB and rented a lovely little apartment in Scarborough and it was perfect for us. Great size, great location and the most comfortable bed!

For the first time in 4 years I made it to the beach less than 10 times, and I don't care to much about it. Another first; not dreading returning to work. I miss my structured routine. As much as I love being home with RB and hanging with my mom as much as I did, I'm happy to feel productive again, and have my routine back. I am hoping to have a productive school year, and getting a lot of crap done, while keeping my head down and mostly to myself.

What will get me through the year--- Hawaii next summer! That's for damn sure, we are going. Better get my running body back, otherwise it's going to be a rough year of thinking about that bathing suit.

It really was a great 20 days. Whatever went on went on because that's the way this vacation was suppose to play out. I enjoyed it all, and it's good to do a whole lotta nothing sometimes. I'm recharged and ready to go. Rabbit, Rabbit. Let's hear it for 2014-2015.

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