Sunday, November 9, 2014

Iggy Update Week 17+

17 weeks 2 days
Iggy and I are GREAT. That's the go-to answer, "Great." Not for nothing, I've always been a relatively tired person, so being slightly more tired now isn't that much of a change. I've suffered chronic headaches for decades, so my Saturday morning headaches, also not that difficult to deal with. Therefore, why not say "Great", I'm fortunate in that I don't feel that much different. Some people seem disappointed by that answer. "You're not sick? You're not super hungry? You're not fat?!" A friend of mine and I were discussing the other day, how kind, yet annoying it is to be asked, "How 'ya feeling?" every. single. day. The increased interest in my well being is bittersweet. I find it kind that people ask, annoying because it's all the time by everyone, but hurtful because it took me becoming pregnant for you to care about my well being.

June said, it gets worse, eventually you'll show up somewhere and you won't even get so much as a "hello", before they are looking for the baby, ("Jerry, you gotta see the baby"; I stand firmly behind the concept that everyday can be equated to a Seinfeld episode.).

I had a colleague at work actually accost me and rub my almost non-existing belly without even saying hello, my response, "there is no genie that's gonna pop outta that lamp so you can stop rubbin'!" Another colleague came to me disappointed upon seeing me come back from (an amazing) run, that there was no belly to rub. What can I say, <sigh> sorry. 

I ran 3 times last week, all 3+ mile runs, all 40 minutes or less, (still slow) but still felt much better, and was able to keep my heart rate down. Being able to run still, as slow as it might be, makes me feel really good about being pregnant. Although, some days it's terribly hard to be motivated about working out, I'm always glad I did and feel exponentially better because of it.  I lifted 3 times last week- feeling strong, and did my first prenatal pilates workout, which also felt pretty good.

Speaking of lifting and kind but annoying colleagues, some people at work have decided that I am this precious, brittle, invalid. That's actually worse than the constant questions. I work with this girl who was pregnant last year who literally held, and rubbed herself all the time doing the, "oh, I'm pregnant, I can't lift that, eat that, do that, etc." So, the rest of the staff just seem accustomed to that type of pregnant lady, which I am not. I'm the furthest thing from that kind of pregnant lady. JD was shocked when she saw them act that way with me on Friday, and didn't understand it. I told her it was really stupid, especially since they all watch me go out for a run at least 3 days a week at lunch, so why wouldn't I be able to carry a small box to my car, or do my bulletin boards.

All test results are in, and I'm within the normal range for Iggy having any chromosomal defects, which is nice to know. It means that the chances are not higher than they should be for me. To be completely truthful, I really haven't thought much about it all mostly because I forget that I am pregnant. I keep waiting to feel something that might jump start my ability to bond with Iggy in utero, but nothing just yet. I try to explain to RB that I honestly don't feel that different. Sure I want a Genoa Salami sandwich and I know I can't, but there's nothing. I think about Jan and June and how they would talk about their kids while they were pregnant, and I probably should have asked or paid closer attention to how they really felt on a day to day basis, like, did they realize/feel pregnant? When did it "hit" them? I listen to Iggy's heart beat, thanks to Junes' pocket Doppler she lent us, but it doesn't register completely. I even felt Iggy "swim" around yesterday, and although it was freakishly weird, still, nothing.

RB wholeheartedly wants to find out the gender and I am torn when it comes to finding out gender because part of me wants to be surprised, (it's only a 50/50 chance of anything anyway), the other part feels like maybe if I know the gender it'll be real. Even still, if I do find out, I have every intention of not telling a soul. So far, during this pregnancy, I'm so much more laid back and RB is riddled with anxiety, the role reversal is odd. I take everything in stride and he's freaking out (quietly) about how he wants it to be April already, and what car seat will work for us. I have such strong faith that everything will be fine and that I am doing all that is in my power to keep it that way, that if we have to wait till Iggy is here to buy everything (but a car seat) so be it.

My sweet and loving husband offered to get a second job so that I can stay home for a year or two with Iggy and not work full time. My answer; I barely see you as it is, and it isn't as though my job doesn't lend itself to be an easier schedule for child rearing than most other full time jobs. I mean seriously, I'm a teacher, as hard as I work between the hours of 7:30am to 3:30pm I work till 3:30, I don't bring work home and have vacations built in throughout the year. Thanks my darling RB but no thanks, I'd rather work and see you, than be home and never see you. I kinda like you RB, and want you around.

Lastly, I want to just show off my Halloween brilliance this year. For around $10, I was able to pull off (in my mind) a superbly attractive Bob Ross. That's right, I painted happy little trees, and turned all mistakes into birds all day long. And no, no kid knew who I was, so we watched an episode on so they could see. A lot of adults thought it was a great costume. What do you think?

I'm already thinking about how I can trump this costume for next year. It's sure to be Great.

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  1. Glad you're GREAT! :-) I don't understand what it is about some people who think a pregnant lady's belly is public property. Can you rub their bellies back and wonder out loud what they ate for lunch or something?