Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm still waiting...

My first and foremost advice when you get pregnant or your wife or girlfriend gets pregnant, take everything that is said to you with a a grain of salt. For instance, I am still waiting for the energy I was promised would return during my second trimester. I've always been a tired person in general, but I thought maybe at some point I would get a little extra "umph". The other night I was in bed by 8:15 and asleep by 9. It doesn't help that in between going to the bathroom 5+ times a night, I'm still having ridiculous dreams.

Working out has been so hard, the motivation isn't there because I can't get faster, and I don't feel stronger or feel effective while working out, and I find myself eating for the sake of eating. Today, I over ate, and I look 9 months pregnant! (Okay, maybe I don't look that pregnant, but I feel that pregnant). I also noticed along with the widening of my lower half, (which I worry constantly about because I am already a wide based woman, if I get any wider I'll have to enter doorways sideways), I have an inner tub effect happening. I'm hoping that I can attribute the inner tub effect to my over eating today. 

My emotional up's and down's have been few and far between (thank goodness!), however, today I found myself leaving the house and loathing the existence of every human on the road and at work. I'm happiest home with RB, where no one can disturb me. When RB came home tonight I actually cried telling him how I called everyone in my general vicinity an asshole; I was so upset by the fact that I was so angry, I cried. RB told me it was all because I had a little piece of him in me, and since RB hates everyone, having that little piece of him in turn makes me hate everyone. Not good. Not goo at all. 

On a happy note, Jenski, that wonderful running partner of mine, my motivator and little miss go getter is doing her first half-marathon this weekend, and yet again, I couldn't be prouder of her. She has trained long and hard for this race, and I wish I was there to cheer her on! I know she'll be great! I'll be with you in spirit Jenski, maybe by the end of this week I will have run 13.1 miles in total! ha ha ha. xox 

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  1. HB is funny!
    Thanks for the shout out. I am a little nervous to see how the whole crazy weekend goes, but it will surely be fun. I mean it is Disney World after all.